Just Earth is driven by People, Passion and Purpose...

Just Earth is driven by People, Passion and Purpose.

Our People

People are the centre of our enterprise, from the talents of our producers, our suppliers, our staff, our volunteers and our customers we join together to create a ‘just earth’.  

We are a CSE (Community Supported Enterprise). If you like what we do, become a subscriber and earn rewards, or start a monthly box for your household supplies.

Our Passion

We are passionate about the joys of quality produce: fine food, fine wine and great products.

We are equally passionate about the people who make, grow, and refine these products, getting a fair deal in the supply chain.

Building on the finest quality raw products available locally and around the globe, we choose to support products that value the skills of local artisans, sustainable agricultural traditions – the products that are created by people who tread lightly on the earth.

Locally we value … roasting our coffee fresh daily ... making beautiful products and creating employment opportunities locally too.

We know that women do at least 40% of the world’s work and yet own less than 1% of the world’s assets. Less than one percent!  And that lights the fire in our bellies.   

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide opportunities for female artisans and producers of food, raw products and crafts to engage in trade relationships opening up consumer markets under fair trade conditions, supporting sustainable livelihoods and communities.

Locally we create employment for people disadvantaged in the labour market, offering micro enterprise loans and business development programs.

Creating fair employment and production...

Creating fair employment and production environments for women locally and globally we bring fair trade, local and organic products to the discerning ethical consumer.

We support community, culture and the environment both in producer communities locally and globally.

In doing so we localise globally.

What we do

We run a fair food cafe and fair trade retail store and events hub in our premises at 29 Vulture St, West End. We are a community supported enterprise, our customers are our community, central to us achieving our social goals. Providing quality customer service is central to our mission.

Coffee Roastery

At our coffee hub we roast daily ... and we bring you fair trade, organic and shade grown single origin coffees from Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, India, Nicaragua, East Timor and Colombia.

We also make our own blends.

Fair Food cafe

In our cafe we bring you meals made with quality local organic produce. We procure through our own direct relationships with farmers or through foodconnect a distribution system that connects local ecological farmers with city folk.

Our menu builds on the traditions of slow nutritious food whilst embracing the influences of Europe and Asia on the Australian palate.

Our cafe is open for breakfast and lunch.

Fair Trade Store 

We run a physical and online store offering a great range of products: tea and coffee, food products such as biodynamic rice, local organic oats, spelt flour and olive oils, children’s wear and toys, eco cleaning products with refillable containers, fashion and homewares and home office supplies.

Innovation and creativity...

Innovation and creativity

We innovate ...we love thinking of ways the world could work more fairly, we are creative, we disrupt.


We are a Community Supported Enterprise (CSE).  Our customer are our community.  Providing excellence in customer service is paramount to what we do.

At Just Earth we believe in supporting our customers to be able to access the best quality sustainable products we can find.  We believe in a shared culture of local community with our customers and with each other. We believe in community with our producers and supporting community building in producer communities.  We are a community of people who join with others.

Justice and Fairness

We believe in just and fair trade relationships. Not only with our producers and suppliers this also extends to treating our employees and each other fairly and extends to managers and Board members. This involves openly seeking to resolve conflicts with those concerned, taking personal responsibility for our actions and our experience.  As an employer Just Earth aims to support our employees to thrive and develop in their roles.  We aim to create employment for people who experience barriers to the labour market.  As employees we aim to operate with honesty, transparency and accountability to our goals..

Flexibility and Resilience

We are a new company changing the world ..so we must adapt fast ..we are flexible and resilient .. our staff are adaptable, quick thinkers who have a sense of urgency and timeliness when completing tasks.

Learning and Development

We are committed to ongoing learning and development for all of our staff and clients.


We know relationships are key. We value them and work at them. Open, robust clear communication is central to our business. We value your feedback and work with you to resolve problems and create the best outcomes.


We are not interested in products that don’t add to peoples well being.  We source produce and products that add to our customers and clients wellbeing. We recognise economic justice is key to health and wellbeing too.

Honesty and Integrity

We conduct business with honesty and transparency at all times. Dishonesty or a lack of integrity is not tolerated from our team.

Mutualism and Accountability

The business is built on the values of mutualism and accountability.

Positivity and Openness

Yes we are aware of the world’s problems and we have a critical analysis but we are positive people who get shit done.

Just Earth has grown out of Justice Products...

Just Earth has grown out of Justice Products (Established in 1985), formerly based on West End’s Boundary St. We are now open around the corner on Vulture St (across the road from West End State School). Come and celebrate a space that welcomes and supports the whole community.

The old Justice Products shop on Boundary Street.

Just Earth remains a social enterprise that helps alleviate poverty globally by directly supporting our producers via fair trade relationships. Locally, we provide business training, finance and retail opportunities to people who may be disadvantaged in the labour market. We distribute profit to Just Earth Foundation & Spiral.

Just Earth is a cafe, coffee roastery, eco store and community hub. Our coffee is roasted daily. We offer a seasonal menu with fresh produce sourced from local organic farms and prepared in-house.