Just Earth is driven by People, Passion and Purpose.

Our People

People are the centre of our enterprise, from the talents of our producers, our suppliers, our staff, our volunteers and our customers we join together to create a ‘just earth’.  

We are a CSE (Community Supported Enterprise). If you like what we do, become a subscriber and earn rewards, or start a monthly box for your household supplies.

Our Passion

We are passionate about the joys of quality produce: fine food, fine wine and great products.

We are equally passionate about the people who make, grow, and refine these products, getting a fair deal in the supply chain.

Building on the finest quality raw products available locally and around the globe, we choose to support products that value the skills of local artisans, sustainable agricultural traditions – the products that are created by people who tread lightly on the earth.

Locally we value … roasting our coffee fresh daily ... making beautiful products and creating employment opportunities locally too.

We know that women do at least 40% of the world’s work and yet own less than 1% of the world’s assets. Less than one percent!  And that lights the fire in our bellies.   

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide opportunities for female artisans and producers of food, raw products and crafts to engage in trade relationships opening up consumer markets under fair trade conditions, supporting sustainable livelihoods and communities.

Locally we create employment for people disadvantaged in the labour market, offering micro enterprise loans and business development programs.